On-Page SEO otherwise known as Content

On-Page SEO otherwise known as Content

The Bread and Butter of SEO

On-Page SEO is content, and here is a news flash; if you want more traffic, you will need more content and to manage your content to keep it fresh.

On-Page SEO is the proverbial bread and butter of SEO work performed so that search engines can understand what the pages are and what they are about to rank them in relevant searches. 

Make sure to place your target keyword in the following locations:

  • Title tag (meta title)
  • H1 heading
  • At least two H2 headings
  • Naturally, in the body text
  • Image file names and alt text
  • Meta description
  • Meta Keywords

In terms of content specifics

Broadly speaking, Recruiters have content passing through the site in the form of jobs and content which stays around longer in the form of what is written on core pages like about us, candidate landing pages, client landing pages, sector landing pages etc.

The problem with job pages is that data is passing at a rate which may not encourage Googe to index it in its main engine, and in Google for Jobs, you have to remove jobs from the aggregator.

Conversely, the other landing pages may be too starting to warrant reindexing for better rankings.

So your recruitment business needs an active blog where you can regularly publish useful content on your site; this is non-negotiable.

  • Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites.
  • Businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don’t.
  • Marketers with blogs are 13 times more likely to generate positive ROI.
  • Google tells us that 30% of all search questions it serves are employment-related questions; blogs are you ideal place to answer those for your niche/niches.

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Technical SEO

RecruiterWEB & SEO

18+ years of search engine know-how for recruiters...

We have 18+ years of SEO experience specifically for recruiters/job boards.

Your website is like your car; let's say it is a hybrid car. The Electic engine will get you 30 miles on a very cheap charge, but for more than that, you need fossil fuel. SEO is fossil fuel for websites.

Many website builders blatantly lie about SEO and what their websites are capable of. We won't sell you SEO if we don't think the rankings you want are achievable.

Recruitment-related keywords are highly competed for, and often it will take a budget of £1000 to £2000 per month for 12-18 months to take non-ranked websites and get them ranked for highly competitive recruitment keywords.

Beware the snake oil salesperson that tells you; you will outrank Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs etc., and other recruitment website vendors by just using their website tech! It never happens.

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